Purdue University, 2016.

Purdue University, 2016.

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Oregon State University, 2010.

Oregon State University, 2010.

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Past Presentations

Slides for most presentations available upon request.

2017. "Nanoscale Materials and Active Materials." Georgetown Summer School on Active Materials. Washington, DC.

2017. "Philosophical Issues in Modeling Nanoscale Systems." University of Kentucky Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering Seminar Series. Lexington, KY.

2017. "Conceptual Analysis and Chemical Information." American Chemical Society National Meeting–Chemical Information Division. San Francisco, CA.

2017. "Multi-Scale Modeling and Inter-Theory Relations." CompuGene Winter School on Multi-Scale Modeling. Darmstadt, Germany.

2016. "Multi-Scale Modeling in Nanoscience." "Multi-Scale Modeling Across the Sciences" Symposium, Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting. Atlanta, GA.

2016. "Multi-Scale Modeling in Nanoscience." Boston University Colloquium on Methodological Issues in Multi-Scale Modeling, Boston Center for the Philosophy and History of Science. Boston, MA.

2016. "Multi-Scale Modeling: Beyond Non-Mereological Relations." Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice Biennial Meeting. Glassboro, NJ.

2016. "Unnatural Kinds" Conference, San Francisco State University. San Francisco, CA. Video of all conference talks available here.

2016. "Multi-Scale Modeling: Beyond Non-Mereological Relations." Southern California Philosophy of Physics Workshop. Irvine, CA.

2016. "The Epistemology of Boundary Conditions: Between Necessity and Happenstance." UC–Irvine Logic and Philosophy of Science Colloquium. Irvine, CA.

2016. "Reconciling Physical and Biological Metaphysics of Structure." Comments on Ken Waters, "How Science Can Inform Metaphysics: Insights from Biological Practice." American Philosophical Association–Pacific Division Annual Meeting. San Francisco, CA.

2016. "Boundary Work: Collaboration Between Philosophy and Science and Nanoscience." Purdue Lectures in Ethics, Policy, and Science. West Lafayette, IN.

2016. "Surface Tension." University of Washington Philosophy Department Colloquium Series. Seattle, WA. 

2015. "Multi-Scale Modeling: Beyond Anti-Mereological Relations." Bay Area Philosophy of Science Colloquium. UC–Davis.

2015. "Boundary Work: Philosophy Meets Nanoscience." Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice Biennial Conference. Aarhus, Denmark.

2015. "Philosophy of Science as Scientific Problem-Solving." SPSP Pre-Conference Workshop on Teaching Philosophy of Science to Scientists. Aarhus, Denmark.

2015. "Surface Tension." Irvine–Pittsburgh–Princeton Graduate Conference in Philosophy of Physics. Princeton, NJ.

2015. "Challenges to Philosophy of Science from Nanoscience." John Templeton Foundation Reduction and Emergence in Physics Project, Workshop on Multi-Scale Modeling, Pittsburgh, PA. 

2015. "Surface Tension." University of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign Colloquium Series, Champaign-Urbana, IL.

2015. "Surface Tension." San Francisco State University Colloquium Series, San Francisco, CA.

2015. "Surface Tension." University of Kentucky Colloquium Series, Lexington, KY.

2014. "Surface Tension: Scale and Conceptual Change in Philosophy of Nanoscience." Chemical Structure Symposium (org. Michael Weisberg), Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, Chicago, IL.

2014. "Boundary Work: Nanoscience Meets Philosophy at Material Surfaces." History of Interdisciplinarity Symposium (org. Hanne Andersen), History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL. 

2014. "The Structure–Property Paradigm in Chemistry and Nanoscience." Structure in Chemistry and Physics Workshop Series, Durham, England.

2014. "Surface Tension: How Nanoscience Challenges Traditional Theories of Explanation." International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry Annual Meeting, London, England.

2014. "Surface Tensions." Carnegie Mellon University Department of Philosophy Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA.

2013. "Epistemology and the Synthetic: Lessons from Nanosynthesis," Methods for Making symposium at 4th Biennial Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice Meeting, Toronto, ON, Canada. 

2013. "Toward a Philosophy of Synthetic Science." Rice University Cultural Studies of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine Lecture Series, Houston, TX.

2012. "Reconsidering Explanation: Lessons from Nanosynthesis." Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting, San Diego, CA.

2012. "Nanosurfaces: How Scale Can Shape Structure and Behavior." Structure in Chemistry Workshop Series, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia, PA.

2011 "Bonding in Hypervalent Molecules." Is There a Nature of the Chemical Bond? symposium at European Philosophy of Science Association conference, Athens, Greece.

2011. "Studies in Chemical Explanation: Structure and Synthesis." 3rd Biennial Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice Meeting, Exeter, England.

2010. "Whence the Defense of the Banana Bond?" History of Science Society Annual Meeting, Montréal, QC, Canada.

2010. "How Pauling Bent the Double Bond." Special Collections Resident Scholar Lecture Series, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR. 

2010. "Characterizing Explanations of Chemical Bonds." Models and Simulations 4, Toronto, ON, Canada.