Blog: Thinking Small

The Nano Wiki is (Fake) Real!

Over at Millstone Lab we have been dreaming up a project for the past few years that is one of those "hey-wouldn't-it-be-great-if"-"yeah-but-paper-deadlines" projects where we can never seem to find the time to actually sit down and make it happen. The project is a wiki for the nanosynthesis community, where users share the kind of information that is left out of publications—details of protocols, things to watch out for in nanosynthesis that you wouldn't think of if you only do macroscopic synthesis, questions about how to think about nanostuff, etc. 

From the nano community's standpoint, the wiki will lower the entry barrier to scientists who want to try nano projects, as well as making nano more collaborative and all the normal benefits of introducing open-source energy into a community. From my standpoint, the wiki will give us all that as well as a forum for discussion of foundational concepts in nanoscience. Ideally, it will be a place to watch scientists work out theories in real-time. 

Well, something gave over the past few weeks and we are finally getting the site together! It is just in under-construction mode for now, but you can see a mock-up of it here. More to come in the next few weeks!